Volunteer Manager

The Be Good Project is looking for an experienced Volunteer Manager to manage volunteer signup, onboarding, follow-up, and release process for our Banana App project.

Volunteer Manager


  • Develop strategies for volunteer recruitment and onboarding processes
  • Perform initial screening and recruit volunteers and ensure they are appropriately matched and trained for a position
  • Assist new volunteers with signup and onboarding process and act a point of contact in case of any issues
  • Communicate regularly with managers contact to update them on the status of the volunteer(s) and the community partner(s)
  • promote volunteering (internally and externally) through recruitment and publicity strategies and campaigns


  • Hands-on experience in volunteer management and knowledge of related admin and/or HR process
  • Good in written and oral communication
  • Knowledge of volunteer management tools preferred but not necessary


Unfortunately, at this time we are unable to accept volunteers on certain U.S. visas with volunteering restrictions due to complications with work authorization and the possibility of putting one’s visa status at risk. We are currently working towards finding a permanent solution that allows U.S. visa holders to safely volunteer with us, but until then, please do not apply if you are a U.S. visa holder. We apologize for the unfortunate situation, and we hope to allow everyone an opportunity to become a volunteer soon. Please see our visa statement for more information.


  • We are based in Seattle, WA (Pacific Time)
  • Volunteers outside the Pacific Northwest are welcome but are encouraged to check our location's time difference.

Please apply here and sign up using Volunteer Application form.


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